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Swedish Lapland AiR Conference #5
24 th – 25th March 2020
Location: Samernas utbilningscenter, Jokkmokk

What a great year we had 2019, eight new residencies was conducted in Luleå, Jokkmokk, Moskosel, Haparanda/Torneå, Piteå, Lainio and Övre Soppero.

Now it’s time to look forward, 2020 will be our last project year, but as a network we will continue the work after that. Our next conference will take place in Jokkmokk at Samernas utbildningscentrum.

As usual Bojana Panevska from TransArtists will be with us during the days and there will be joint workshops and lectures. The conference will be conducted in English as a common language. The theme of the conference will be about gender and equality issues. But of course we will also talk about practical things and share the results of the residencies

Since many of you are artists participating in the project, a grant (based on a monthly income of 35,000 SEK) will be paid for lost income per conference meeting.
It means:
2 full days = 3 500 SEK + VAT (for travelers)
1.5 day = 2 626 SEK + VAT (for those living in Övertorneå/Haparanda/Torneo)
Due to a tight budget, a maximum of two people from each residency can apply for lost income. However, several people from the residency may attend the course.

The project will compensate for travel, food and accommodation (maximum two persons from each residency). Those who run a residency through institutions are expected to cover your own costs when it comes to salary.

We will organize carpooling from Luleå.

Dates and time
24 th of March we start 13.00 – 17.30, dinner 19.00
25 th March 9.00 – 15.00

Sign up here at the latest
9 th of March