About us

ArtNorth - Norrbotten Contemporary Art Development Center, works to strengthen the professional art scene in northern Sweden. We accomplish this by creating exhibition possibilities, facilitating commissions as well as organizing education for visual artists and professional craft makers. By carrying out projects in collaboration with relevant partners we actively support the art scene in the region and contribute to the enrichment of its cultural life. ArtNorth is part of Norrbotten County Council’s cultural program.


The availability and provision of varied commissions secures the economic livelihood of local artists, which in turn enables them to pursue their professional interests locally.

ArtNorth advocates the usage of the 1% principle and works to ensure that related commissions and calls for applications are executed appropriately. We actively promote local arts and craft makers on a national level. As a part of our activities, we also encourage local companies to invest in, and purchase, locally produced art.

Projects and collaborative partnerships

To achieve its goals, ArtNorth, works together with artists, organizations and companies. Do you have an idea that you want to share? Or would you like to collaborate with us? Please contact us so we may explore what could be accomplished together.


ArtNorth creates further education possibilities for professional artists in Norrbotten. This is done by collaborating with other educators and arranging further education events, workshops and lectures together with the local art scene. We also work to provide the inhabitants of our county, specially the children and the youth, with better opportunities for learning more about contemporary art.


The creation of new exhibition outlets not only provides artists and craft makers with an opportunity to showcase their work but it also gives them a chance to meet their audience in interesting new settings. Examples include projects such as ‘Art for sale’, a temporary pop-up shop with local arts and crafts, and “Art at the airport”, where passengers get to experience art from Norrbotten already in the entrance hall of Luleå Airport and Kiruna Airport.